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We believe that gold-standard care can only be provided when a skilled clinician has intimate knowledge of the community they are providing care for. We have brought together a team of passionate doctors with unrivaled expertise across School Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine.

Kelsey Peterson, Jr., MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Established in 1993, we have treated painful conditions noninvasively at our Harbor & Sunflower location for well over two decades. With our team consisting of orthopedic, chiropractic, and physical therapy specialties, we treat your acute or chronic pain condition noninvasively.

We have served the most loved patients from all over Southern California and the world at our Santa Ana/Costa Mesa facility in Orange County since 1993. We see patients of all ages (20+ and up to 109 years of age) who want to achieve pain relief, remain active or get active again, and who do not want the risks and downtime of surgery.

That means at NonSurgical Medical Group, we work to provide you with lasting pain relief and a restored active life with no surgery, no medication, and no invasive procedures. Our conservative approach has helped thousands of patients over the years, and we are dedicated to walking with you along that gratifying path to pain relief.

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